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Travelling SVG Dots is so easy!

Check this simple pen
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Been a while...

But an update. I've added colour to the people and they are now created within the shape of the country they live in. The shape... Detail... As always, click on images to see larger version. .

A little colour

. Just thought I'd post this first one to give a taste of things to come... I'm, unfortunately, not expecting to finish all the colours in time for the print. But I'll carry on this project after wednesday so hopefully it will happen! .

More people...

. (The homeless guy looks small cos otherwise he wouldn't fit in his column. You can click him to see him slightly bigger.) .

Just to show I'm still working...

. Not a lot of change, but these are almost the final look of the images. I'm thinking the people will have shadows and the Philippines will have a little more diversity. Oh, and on a white backdrop to show off the shadows. Here's a comparison of the 2 nations... .Click images to see larger versions. (Please excuse the image artifacts... That's Blogger's fault) .

Let me put that into perspective...

. .Click here to see larger image. ---- 3 Megs ---- .

The people of the UK

. Ha, it's ridiculous how out of practise I was... I'll post them in a random order, but you can work out what order I drew them in as the quality increases drastically from image to image. I still can't draw shoes... At all. Probably doesn't help that most images I used had the feet cut off. .